Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zion Nat'l Park

Went there for my 30th bday, and it was insane! Awesome fall colors, cold temps, and great hikes.

Bur first, we stopped in Vegas for a night to meet up with Tony and go out and kinda experience the town :) and we got upgraded to some suite for the night, which was awesome - pool table, bar, speaker system, a bath and two showers - one with a pole and LED lights, one as a steam shower. It was ridiculous.


Room with fireplace

Overlooking bathtub to the shower with the pole.

Steam shower setup with 4-5 shower heads


I turned 30 
Then we left that place and headed onwards to Zion

Getting closer

Campsite setup!

Looking out the back of the campground from our tent. Amazing view

Some of the crew! Thanks everyone for coming out!


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Hiked up a long, climbing hike, looking out over this valley the whole time. Pretty awesome

Looking down the sheer cliffs


Made it to the peak! Can't remember how high this is, but the drop to the canyon is ridiculous. My fear of height was showing some along the edge of some of these cliffs...


Hiking back down

View coming down, with the sun getting lower

Woke up Sunday morning and did one more little hike with Mel

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