Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mel cooking up some goods

Mel got a new cookbook and has been on a rampage. Here's a couple things

Paella in the making

Almost there!

Holy cow this was amazing!

Going for it! She's legit!

Strawberry rhubarb pie! Boom!


Chris and Krista Francis Wedding

Went to Chris Francis' wedding last week down in east San Diego area. It was an awesome, beautiful time with lots of good people and good dancing! Here's a few pics along the way

This girl :)

Stopped by Stone Brewery on the way down. They had an awesome outdoor seating area with a small path and lounging area that was pretty perfect!

She arrived with wine and gifts :)
(actually we came back to the car to get the gift and she had already gotten wine :))

Photobooth are just great!

Beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception!

Us being us

Monday, May 11, 2015

Camping in Los Padres

Celebrated our 7 year anniversary a few weekends ago with a little camping trip to Los Padres Natl Forest and exploring around Ojai! Went on a good hike in the afternoon, and got to camp next to a running stream.  Here's a few pics along the way :) 
Breakfast at Bonnie Lu's in Ojai. Great diner style place! This guy made the picture 

Ventured into some of the many trendy shops in Ojai

Fiddled around with the GoPro a little bit more this trip: 

Then we hiked 

View of the mountains nearby

Great clouds and greenery around here!


Flowers all over and lots of lady bugs in these also

Kept sprinkling on and off that day and was nice to be out in it

Kinda staged. Yes, we brought chess while camping...

Not staged


Making moves

Uh oh...


First time using some new battery-powered LED string of lights in the tent - One of Mel's christmas gifts from someone :)

Just kinda dangled the GoPro out of the top netting. Pumped how these came out!

Other direction

Accidental picture
Nom nom nom


Over the past 7 years, I've learned that bread make this girl happy