Saturday, January 26, 2013

Recent projects

Been working on some stuff, and some stuff's been changing around here, for the better... for the much better :)

 My friend ben made me this sweet sign for the garage. This is hanging on the inside of the door now, waiting to get covered in sawdust and foam dust. I'm super pumped on this thing!

 After picking up another windsurf board from a guy around the corner (for 10 bucks), and after Ben and Cameron both brought over foam blanks to shape, the garage is once again full of soon-to-be-surfboards

 I just wrapped up this night table. Used some wood I found somewhere, not sure where, but had enough of the same two pieces to make this thing. I made it kinda "farmhouse" style, with thick pieces, a rough look, and solid construction (i think). Here it is coming together, while enjoying some tea.I tried to do some new joinery (for me) here, as you can see the legs and bottom piece all join together more than just a "butt" joint. I think it came out nicely and more solid than my usual...

Getting clamped!

And boom!, skipped a few steps in pictures, but glued on the top with some biscuit joints, then stained it with a dark walnut stain, and then put a few coats of urethane finish on it. I had spar urethane leftover from other projects (handplanes) - this didn't need to be waterproof, but oh well, I didn't want to buy more finish, and have the urethane go dry over time anyways. So now, we can spill all the tea we want on this thing!

Top left view, showing the cracks and little warped-ness of the top and bottom. I like it.

Psyched on this little guy

In place

I made a hanging pot holder/shelf also, to give us a little more cabinet space. I found a couple pieces of this red oak (i think) a long time ago in an alley,  and have now had enough to do several kitchen shelf projects, which looks good to have the same wood all next to each other I think. (as seen to the left of this shelf)

 Long screws into studs to hold these pots up!

Finished this frame last week also. The print is a Joe Hodnicki print - check his stuff out at - super awesome stuff! so hard not to buy more of his stuff, but this is the second one we have already. Got Mike a sweet "dawn patrol" one for his birthday too. 

 Other print in the background. 

Mel wanted another shelf for school stuff, and since I have school books also, I made this to help keep us somewhat organized. I kinda threw this thing together - the construction of it isn't that great to be honest, and the wood is just pine pieces all glued together from an old desk, but I still like the design of it and how it came out!

That's it for now! 

Indiana Winter

Long overdue, but here's just a few pics from Indiana during Christmas. Not too many, but a few

 I went through this chest of old woodworking tools my dad got not too long ago. Pretty awesome handmade tools -some from the early 1900s. pumped :)

 Custom tool box with mounts for specific tools - awesome

 On to opening Christmas gifts! Helia was just too excited and couldn't keep still!

 I love this girl :)

 The day after Christmas we got about 8 inches of snow! Super super awesome to get to see this stuff!


 The trees are getting so big at my dads!

 Gunnar and Jenny, chillin


More backyard

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Sighting

I got a hummingbird feeder for Christmas. I put it up about a week ago and anxiously awaited my first visitor. Today was the day! I could stare at these beautiful creatures for a lifetime. Thanks dad!
Not the best photo, but I didn't want to startle it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

I like New Years not so much for the booze and shiny clothing but mostly because its a time of the year to reset. I know New Year's resolutions don't stick but I figure these goals are within reason.

1. Be More Positive
    I struggle with this one. My goal is not to be so easily affected by stress and negative people. Plus I need should not be so hard on myself. I try my hardest and that's what counts.
2. Own Less Things
    I'm running out of room. All this crap doesn't even get used.
3. Less Stomach Aches
    I plan on achieving this by learning how to recognized when I am full and by abandoning the clean plate club. Feeling crappy sucks.
5. Be More Physically Active
    This will forever make the list.
6. Make or Create Weekly
    I get grouchy and stressed out when I don't do the things I enjoy most. So the goal is to force myself to either make cheese, bread, or any delightful treat at least once a week no matter how busy I am.
7. Make More Time For the Garden
    I am happiest in the garden, so it's silly to not make more time for it.
8. Be More Grateful
   I have been very fortunate and need to realize it more often.
9. Blog
    I promise I'll blog more. :)
10. Stretch

1. Eat slower
I will not start going for or prepping my next bite until I have fully finished the bite I currently have in my mouth!
2. Gain some weight
I'm puny. Going on the avocado and butter diet. Watch for this to catch on in 2013 :). I will also try to do this by building a little bit of muscle
3. Less computer
Self explanatory
4. Get an iPhone
To make up for being on my computer less
5. Relax a little bit more
I'll try to be ok with not constantly doing something or feeling the need to be doing something
6. Less sweets
Subbing in fruit or veggies for this crap
7. Stretch more
More yoga. By 2014, I will be able to kneel back and sit on my ankles. I hope....

It's been a great year!