Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Surfing and camping

Foggy morning, where I arrived too early to see anything  
This guy got in there!

Ely snapped this pic of me walking to check the waves on the other side

Good morning walks with Oscar lately

Camped with Oscar at Point Mugu on the beach!

Oscar at the campfire, full moon behind him

bundled up



Oscar's Birthday

This blog is slowly turning into just pictures of Oscar... 
So when we got Oscar, we were told he was about a year and a half old, so we basically picked his birthday to be February 12. So he just turned 2!

Not hyped on this situation



"alright, we're done!"

Not hyped so far on this birthday thing

He came to work with me that day, and then we went to the dog park straight after work

After some treats and hanging at home in the back yard, we went to the marina near by, and I skated while he jogged along

Denver and Copper Mtn Work TripS

Annual work trip to Denver for a trade show and then to Copper Mtn for boot demoing. Pretty fun trip!

First went to Buckhorn Exchange in Denver. This was the first restaurant in CO with a liquor license, and has lots of crazy meats and taxidermy on the walls

My plate - elk and quail and potatoes

Daz with a rocky mountain oyster in front of him ;)

Started coming down in Denver on our last night :) 

So we got out to the mountain early and got to ride all day Sunday with 9 inches of fresh snow on top! So good!

Then we had a night at the small Woodward barn/camp at the mountain. it was small, but had some fun things to skate and fun trampolines. 

We got to try slackline-ing across this foam pit also. Extremely difficult!

Surfing and skating

Got the camera out one morning with Ely 

That look!

Got out on a biking/surfing morning with Ely too!

Senior pics with Oscar