Saturday, June 22, 2013

Start of Summer Garden

My garden is a late bloomer, but at last I'm starting to see some movement. The first lima beans I planted at home never sprouted but the second has been successful with three plants poking their true leaves out of the ground. My dad mailed my some giant blue corn but most didn't sprout (probably due to my inconsistent watering) and the ones that did refuse to stand straight up. I put a few more but have seen no sign of them, yet. 

Lima bean on the 1st day of summer

Flimsy corn

At the community garden things are also moving pretty slow. I keep growing radishes, even though I don't like them. They are just too easy to grow to not do it. My first attempt to grow edamame failed but they finally sprout at the second attempt. I thought the kohlrabi wouldn't grow well in summer but they are looking mighty fine and I will be harvesting them this week. I have two tomato plants at the garden and one at home and neither have grown much. Most of tomato plants at the garden are big and lush, which has left me with envy. I don't know why my plants aren't thriving. I added compost last week so hopefully that gives them a boost. Despite some failure a few things are going well and that keeps me motivated. The eggplant is doing well, and as expected the kale and chard are unstoppable.



Tomato starting to blush!

oh wait, it's rotten....

Eggplant. Blurry, dark photo but proof of some success.

Zaferia Community Garden is in full bloom
 These two pictures below are of a plot near mine. It belongs to Jim, a dedicated gardener and also the nicest guy at the garden. Jim recently retired and has put a lot of love, time and effort into his garden and it really shows. He's been kind enough to share his crops and is always a pleasure to see at the garden. I wanted to share these photos because walking by this beautiful garden puts a smile on my face and inspires me.

Jim's amazing garden

It's a jungle!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lake Trip: Day 3 and 4

After Tahoe area, we headed a about an hour south and an hour into the mountains. We headed through an area called Ebbett's Pass, which was about 8,500 feet up I think - super curvy road, and beautiful scenery. See pictures!

 We camped across the road from this lake - Mosquito Lake. Insanely beautiful, 8,000 feet up, snow here and there, and fish jumping all over the place!


 The lake had two sections, connected by a small 3 foot tall waterfall. There were a handful of houses/shacks on the opposite side of the lake 

 Mel Maher standing tall after hiking around the area in the morning

 Binoculars are awesome

 More of the houses on the other side of the lake

 View straight down one lake, up to the next (waterfall in the middle, right next to that tall lonely tree)

 Good spot to think


 Bridge across one end of Mosquito Lake

 Then we drove a couple miles from Mosquito Lake to another lake called Alpine Lake, and made some breakfast there

 Mel, selfie at Alpine Lake

 This kid liked to climb and liked to talk - said he free-climbed part of Yosemite Falls, but idk. He actually may have - he was pretty eager to climb and show us stuff

 There happened to be a bike path along Alpine Lake! It was awesome, and right up against the water

 Right up against the water!


 Not sure what she's doing here, but I like her

 Mel and Louie


Great bike path back to the car along Alpine Lake

 After Alpine and Mosquito Lake, we drove south into Mammoth area

 We set up our tent and hammock right next to June Lake

 Selfie again, at June Lake

 Selfie again, driving

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lake Trip!: Lake Tahoe and surrounding area

Last weekend we took a couple days off and headed up to Lake Tahoe area for a few days on a camping/exploring trip to a new place that we'd never been! Very pumped. We left Thursday night at 11 PM, thinking we would stop somewhere to rest halfway, but ended up being so pumped, traded sleeping/driving, and arrived at 8 AM!  Pictures don't do it justice, but hopefully do something.

At first light, this is what we got to see - somewhere about 3 or so hours south of Tahoe still

Lake Tahoe! We made it. It is crystal clear!

We ate breakfast by the lake and then headed out on our bikes along the road and trails surrounding the lake area. We first came across this open area which was unreal. You can barely see a lady's easel on the left there, as she was painting this scene. Very awesome way to start the day


Bike path

View from a pit stop along the lake

View of Emerald Bay, which we drove up to after biking for a couple hours

Me and Emerald Bay

Basecamp hotel! checked in - Mel loved this place. I liked it too

Cool stuff on the walls...

Cool bar with cool happy hour

She's pumped!

Neato chandelier

Firepit to make our smores!


Free breakfast!? I get too excited about free stuff sometimes

Panorama on the shore of Lake Tahoe

Crystal clear beaches, but very cold :)

Got in this far

Coffee time

I farted (Matt)

Taking it in, Emerald Bay in the background

Hike up Eagle Rock


Out over Emerald Bay... again

and again

Hiking along

Panorama of an awesome path leading to another lake, Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake view

Underwater shot! So clear

View from the water


Good hammock spot - first time using ours! Pretty sweet

Mel's POV

Going to get in

I hesitated kind of alot before I got myself to finally plunge in - super cold!

Mel got in too! Kinda

Panorama from the shore