Thursday, June 4, 2015

Maine Trip!

Holy Begeezez we went to Maine!

I headed out early and stayed in northern Massachusetts with a good friend also. Everywhere out there was beautiful and we had some awesome weather. 

Great clouds!

Holy cow, great pizza and beer

Oh yea, I got a Fiat for this trip!
Here's a clip of our skating adventures! :)

Driving north up the coast was awesome. Had to stop and take some photos

Forgot how the beaches are so flat and long out there!

Mel's view as she landed in the morning

Colder than we expected :)

Good ol train

Mel getting ready with Holly 

Holly with Tiny - he helped propose :)

Da bouquet 

Always looking pretty

Saying "cheese!"

Good one of these two! Mel brought her polaroid, so some of these pics are pics of pics!

The wedding was in this gazebo. Here's a quick glimpse of the view from the gazebo

Then we hopped on a trolley for some drinking and headed to the restaurant!

Always laughing


Really good one that Mel took



Someone didn't move out of our pic :)


The cutting

Bam! retaliation

Ya, we hoisted them up!

The day after, Mel and I explored the coast in Portland, ME



Mel, blocking the view :)

Hi from Maine!

Poison ivy everywhere!
Cool old building

Out in the trees. So green!


Streets of Portland, ME

Flight of ice cream!

Flowers, plants, trees, it was all awesome!

Gittin some bru-ha-has

Stopped in Kennebunkport on the drive back down for some quick exploring. This town was overly cute!
Looking the other way

Smirkin, you know

We went to dinner in Portsmouth, NH and had an awesome sunset here

And ate oysters in the half shell! So good

The next day, we toured Boston for most of the day. I led the tour most of the time :)


Tons of brick!

We walked the Freedom Trail and visited lots of historic spots which were all pretty awesome!


Me and Ben; Ben and I

Mel and the Democratic donkey

Pretty funny story of how these came about

Ben Franklin's parents are buried here

Can't remember who's grave this is

Paul Revere's tomb

Sam Adams!

Brick tree!

More pics from the walk around Boston :)

The end! We had a blast!