Thursday, November 19, 2015

Visit from Waldo!!

Woke up early to meet Waldo out in Phoenix to skate for a few days

Beat the sun up by about 2 hours!

Waldo and I had the plan of him doing a trick up high and me going over him, but we're not that good, and we're getting older, so we did this goofy version of him just rolling up and me going over him, which was a lot easier :)

Skated this spot on the beach at sunset in Long Beach once we were back 

Epic throw down

Headed to Encinitas on Sunday for a little shred. Jordan came with us and lofted some kick flips :)

Got in a bike ride at sunset also

Queen Mary in it's glory!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

More Oscar Photos

 No captions needed, :), just Oscar these days



Hiking out near some apple orchards

We went out to an area with some apple orchards and autumn colors (somewhat) a few weeks ago. No apples were picked b/c too many people had already picked them, but our hikes were pretty fun in the area. Got to see some sequoias, redwoods, cedars, and some good autumn colors here and there actually. 

First, a pic of Oscar
Halloween decorations in full effect

Mel and Oscar, new favorite pic

Stopped and got some donuts from this place. This dude loads on the cinnamon sugar to the donuts :)

Mini donuts

Enjoying the goods

Poison Ivy-esque 
Little Sequoias! 

Redwoods too!

My band and I

Again, my band and I




Alfie and Amanda

Bryan and Jessica, sporting new short cuts :)


Group Photo! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Halloween is the best! Here's some pics of our festivities this year :)

Had everyone over and carved one night. They turned out great!

I grew facial hair and shaved the night before halloween to prep for my costume. I look like my dad :)

Prepping my mustache


Oscar is my basketball

Photo from the work photo booth and costume contest 

Just cruising through work

Jordan was a guy from the TV show Boardwalk Empire. I don't know the show, but he killed it!

My work aisle - an indian, a taco, Stacy from Wayne's World, and Larry Bird

Stolen from her instagram - these two were great. From the movie Dodgeball

Made this little video with Jordan. Pretty pumped on the outcome

Next day for actual Halloween - Mel and I went as Morticia and Gomez Addams, and Mel made some cake! 




Gomez, Morticia, and Wednesday (Oscar is blurry though, and didn't like the braids we put on him) 

Bryan and Jessica as Harry and Marv from Home Alone

Jordan and Cami came as Jessica and Bryan - so good!

Bryan shave the top of his head for his costume :)

Alfi, Amanda, and Lilly as skeletons

Bryan getting drunk

Mel is not amused
Another view of the cake

Jordan played the part of Jessica well

Got this from Mike and Meg halfway through the night - they killed it as the twins from the Shining