Monday, April 14, 2014


Just went to China for work! 
Flew business class and got my own cubicle!
and leg room!

Took a while to figure out you have to put your room key in that slot to turn on the lights…

Hong Kong

packaged air-conditioned units everywhere!

good breakfast

4th tallest building in the world

view out the back of one hotel room


bakery section

good meal!

normal lunch spot - pork dumplings, chicken feet in something, pork intestine, beef and noodles, beef ribs (i think), lemon dumplings, pork

met some skaters one night

dragonfruit tea

band at the hotel each night


cows in front of the factory one day

one floor of the factory

nice cars at our hong kong hotel

There were three trees like this that they somehow built buildings around

good statue art outside the art museum

hong kong street

hong kong subway - a bit crowded!

matt lim smiling with some friends

Kowloon park

Kowloon park

bird sanctuary at Kowloon park

hong kong lights

hong kong light show

hotel lobby installation

live seafood at many restaurants so you know it's fresh :)

kitchen - i got sick a few hours after eating here....

chickens in a cage

dog in a cage....

lunch spot

again, got sick after eating here

Tristan jammin

appartently this translates to "warmly reminder, smoking can be hazardous to your health. please dont let others inhale your second hand smoke. dont pretend you can hide in here and won't be found smoking. if found you will be marked and punished.
outside the factory


some cool building


HK skatepark

mcdonalds menu!

more good cars

corn ball

brussel sprouts adn garlic

pork kabobs

chicken on a stick

fried cauliflower

peanut butter ice cream with salt

veggie sandwich! and fries!

hong kong

tea table - pretty cool

lunch spot

lemon and his family

bamboo scaffolding

lunch at the factory

tai chi!? he was good