Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sequoia in Fall Time

We headed up to Sequoia last fall to camp out two nights and here's a few pics! 

These never get old

Aflie creeping

Got pretty close walking by these bears, but they seemed to not care at all about people
Cub bear looking over a rock sleepily

Bananas, with chocolate and marshmallow inside, over the fire for about ten minutes. Scoop it out with a spoon. Try it!

Morning sun

Pancake smore breakfast sandwich 

The color of these is awesome
Hiking around the this easy, but awesome grove

Sequioa grove

Some fall leaves… kinda

Cheesing amongst Sequioas

Hiked around this lake, can't remember the name of it though...

Denver January 2015

So we went to Denver in January. I had to go for a week for work, so Mel flew in for the weekend also! Most of these pics are of her :)

Pretty everything 

"Take the pic! I want to eat"

Breakfast of champions

Big hair :)

Moon rise over the mountains

Little bit later...

Birthday at Dockweiler

Celebrating my birthday (last November) at Dockweiler

Unpacking at Dockweiler

Ready before dark

Good sunset

cool, matching boys

cool, matching girls
Mel with "the cake"

Struggling to light the candles

Good times

Monday, April 27, 2015

Some big waves in Seal Beach/Bolsa Chica Beach

Took the go pro out (need to use this more) on a bigger day in Seal in September and November last year. The waves were around 4-5 feet and breaking pretty close to shore. These aren't the best vids, but they're something. 
Then there's a few from a bigger day in Bolsa Chica, which I had a couple good rides. These ones i'm holding the go pro out with my opposite hand, and the Seal Beach ones I had it mounted to the hand plane…

Big Sur and Morro Bay with Collin Dec 2014

Well yeesh, it's been a while since some posts..... heres a handful to get back up to speed quickly

Went up to Big Sur area a while back and met with Collin. Here's a few pics to sum it up!

Sunset along the coast 

Coastal hike
Looking the other direction

Lounging at the camp spot

I talked with the camp host for a while and he had a few slabs of a tree they had recently cut down. Not sure what kind it is, but he offered me a slab, and I consulted with Mel, and she was into it also, so we took this slab of wood. Since it's been a while since I got this, I can relay what I did with the slab - nothing. It's too thick to do anything with and I don't' have a mill or something that is big enough to resaw it into a manageable thickness, so now it just sits at our backyard. The bark has all come off too so it's not as pretty…. :/

In the Scion. This improved our gas mileage greatly on the drive home.

Hikin in the woods

Friends around redwoods

Smiling like always

Tree bridge

Camp spot in Morro Bay was pretty scenic

Drive along the coast and near the campground

Hiked out to the end of a peninsula the next morning to the open ocean 

and spotted a lot of these guys in the bay area!

Photos through binoculars

Big rock at Morro Bay

New pose