Monday, April 29, 2013

Austin, TX

This post is about a month late now...oops.

Neither Matt or I had been to Austin before and were eager to visit friends, so we took a long weekend trip there. Both of us had spring break and squeezed it in between work. We had no idea of what to expect from Austin, and the only time I had been I Texas was driving through it and that was rather unimpressive. Austin is an awesome town and our friends were wonderful hosts! The weekend consisted of hiking, canoeing, strawberry picking, tons of games, and even more food.
Jet Blue is the best


This guy belongs in a canoe 

Watch out!

Fields of strawberries, for the picking

Sweet tooth

A hell of a Easter breakfast!
Vegan biscuits and gravy, pancakes, fresh juice and good company.

New Friend

We encountered a dog parade, which is not helping with my puppy fever

Action shot

Sean trying to teach me how to throw

It looks like I learned, though the football didn't go too far

Still trying


Oh yes! No vacation is complete without icecream

Sean liberating this bike

Our awesome guest lent us their bikes and we rode around the lake

View of downtown Austin