Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Visited a Long Beach Ranch!

Visited Rancho Los Alamitos in Long Beach a month or so ago. Pretty awesome old ranch property from the early 1900's i think. Its now a place to visit and read some history on Long Beach and see how it used to be. This place was pretty awesome!
Tractor and gas pump. 

Big ol tennis court, and really pretty setting. This family had some money

Scenery outside the tennis court

Relaxing in the shade

Walking around the various gardens of the property

Flower garden of the property

Walkway posing


Even more!

Even more!!

Projects recently

Worked on these guys a few months ago for some presents :) pretty pumped how this walnut looked!

Made some lino-cut prints, with added watercolor paint, of a corner grind in the Vans bowl  

Been some more shark sightings at a few beaches near us. Not that cool to see these signs, but realistically, sharks are always out there :)

When I bought the wood for the cutting boards above,  I bought an 8-foot long, 2 inch thick board of it, so I had a lot to work with. I split the 2-inch piece into 2 1-inch pieces, and made this table. I match booked the pieces, meaning, after cutting the 2 1-inch thick pieces, I glued them side by side with one of their common sides touching, so it looks mirrored down the middle. Pumped how this came out. And we just bought the legs online cuz I can't weld :)

Like how this looks

Kind of a smiley face in here :)

Cool guys pic :)

Mel's Bday

Mel with a big o cup of coffee at her Coffee Cup birthday breakfast
Trying to contain her excitement

Birthday hangout

Birthday cake! Mel found the recipe, but I made it mostly! She cut a piece of paper in the shape of a star and then we sprinkled crumbs through it to make this star on the cake icing :)

Making a wish!

Mel's garden yummies!

Cluster of photos

Well these are pretty out of order, and just some random old photos from this summer. 

We've been going to some dance party at a bar once a month. Mel found this picture on Instagram. I kinda remember taking this with these people, but I have no idea who they are ;)

Mel's new car! 4th of July weekend

Mel's old car… sad to say goodbye

Mel's garden did well this sumer - lots of eggplants, tomatoes, kale and lettuce, and some corn even

Visited Palos Verdes area with a cousin in town one day. Good rocky coastline here and only 30 minutes from us 

Bridge pose
Got a little tool to start cleaning the resin drips off the garage floor. Mel enjoys this, maybe too much


Came across some old photos one day. Spring break trip in 2011 maybe?

This was from Mike's going away party when he moved out to CA

Someone sent me this recently. This was taken at a hot spring near Mammoth in April last year. Soaking it up!

We got to meet up with Shola this summer briefly, and we got some awesome ice-cream!
See?! Ice cream sandwiches are amazing

Current set up of the living room

Got this print from an artist out of CO, and made this frame from Ambrosia Maple. It's basically maple wood, and Ambrosia beetles infest it and cause a lot of discoloring, holes, and fungus to grow, giving it a pretty awesome look!

Good skies one morning out surfing

Not sure if this is already up on the blog, but this is me skating at the Mammoth park this past December, or January, and Bryan chilling below :)

I don't even know where this was taken, but I like it