Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Denver and Copper Mtn Work TripS

Annual work trip to Denver for a trade show and then to Copper Mtn for boot demoing. Pretty fun trip!

First went to Buckhorn Exchange in Denver. This was the first restaurant in CO with a liquor license, and has lots of crazy meats and taxidermy on the walls

My plate - elk and quail and potatoes

Daz with a rocky mountain oyster in front of him ;)

Started coming down in Denver on our last night :) 

So we got out to the mountain early and got to ride all day Sunday with 9 inches of fresh snow on top! So good!

Then we had a night at the small Woodward barn/camp at the mountain. it was small, but had some fun things to skate and fun trampolines. 

We got to try slackline-ing across this foam pit also. Extremely difficult!

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