Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Morro Bay cold camping

Got up early and made it to Morro Bay area for the day before camping, and hiked around the coast at some spots like this

Road into campground

Got camp setup at Montana del Oro - really pretty and spacious campground

Then hiked around at the beach across the road from the campground 

avoiding water :)


Oscar yawning in the morning - made it through his first night camping. And I think it got down around 30 degrees :)

"Get outta the way" 

"you take way too many photos of me" "Stop!"

Saw lots of otters the next morning in the bay too! They were really close

Hiked around down in Pismo Beach some

And stopped by this butterfly conservatory. They migrate through and always stop in this grove of trees for some reason. We were there during the peak season - there was 28,000 butterfly around! So insane. and that was low number apparently. 

They flutter around, and then form these clusters together for warmth and protection against the winds. These clusters were everywhere!

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