Sunday, June 24, 2012

Huntington with Neal, Marilyn, and Cameron

 Got out with this couple...

 and Cameron today for some small, sunny waves!

 Mr. Shoemaker paddling in!

 Marilyn on her new board! second time out on it and shredding!
 Not sure why she didn't go for that one though!, but there's the new board

 Cameron going right

Cameron going left! my photos are awesome, I know

 Party wave? I think Marilyn was the only one that caught this wave actually...

 Party wave!!!!! Got my camera out of the pouch while riding the wave in front of Cameron, but only got a photo once it was crumbling away, but this photo pretty much sums up Cameron so I'm pumped on it
 AZ in the ocean
 AZ party wave to end the session!

 Lifestyle shot

 Marilyn riding the last one in...

all the way to the beach!

Hike to Switzer Falls

 So this hike is about 2.5 miles to the falls, maybe slightly less. The first part is along a creek under tress, which is nice. Not much elevation gain or loss here, except for about mile or so of it where you veer away from teh creek, up a hill, and then along a cliff until you wind back down to the creek and ultimately to the waterfalls. The stretch along the cliff is exposed to the sun, which even at 9 AM was a bit harsh, and even hotter on the way back. This stretch was also too skinny to pass people and also at 9 AM, it was already crowded on this Saturday morning. But, this hike is pretty awesome! Lots of criss crossing the creek which is fun, and lots of trees, so you don't feel like you're in a desert the whole time.

 View from up atop the two tiers of this waterfall. The rocks are slippery where the water runs, with moss too, so you can use it like a slide to go off into this top tier pool of water, although it looked to be only about 4 ft deep at most, maybe less.... Oh and yea, there's some of the crowd i already mentioned...

 We hiked up back the creek above the waterfall, thinking we could hike back up teh creek the whole way...


 And we found another, bigger waterfall! This might actually be the Switzer waterfall and the other one isn't? not sure, but this one was awesome, with no one else up there. It's about 40 feet high?

 Mel, estimating the height

 So you can't hike back up the creek the whole way. We went back to the first waterfall and back up around the cliff hike, which has pretty awesome views. i.e. above

 Another example

Desert-like part of the hike, but still awesome

Scooters, surfing, skateparks

 Rode around on my friends scooter last week. Pretty flipping fun. He told me to get it going fast (40 mph is the peak) and lean forward with your head over the handlebars and you'll love it. I did

 Here's the beast

 Surfed Oceanside harbor with Cameron last week. Super fun to surf something new and the waves were actually really good. After surfing in Dana Point last month, I'd like to keep the trend going with surfing something new at least once a month, and not getting stuck in north Orange County too much.

 Skated this new park in La Puente the other day before a meeting. It is pretty fun! Some pretty unique things, with some weirdness and awesomeness mixed in.

 banks and quarterpipes mostly, with some rollerblader ledges too...

 This bank turned to quarterpipe is like a wave. ollie in, get tubed, and spit out into another bank. pretty fun!

 not sure who would want to ride onto that rail, but someone will....

 all different steepnesses of banks here

Some rollerbladers were involved in this design i think. still fun to pump over.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Northwest 2012: Day 6

 got the day going at delridge skatepark again, with some man-mosas...

 better view of the best part of this park

 then we grilled out, making awesome sandwiches

 visual proof

 then we jetted over to check  out this jefferson skatepark. ok, but delridge takes the cake. we were beat at this point too...

Northwest 2012: Day 5

 Mark's outdoor shack. mark treated us like kings, so here's a bunch of photos of his stuff!


 cabin style

 cabin style

 psyched on mark's style

 bathtub, with room for fire beneath to heat up water

 campspot in yard

 Mark's cabin

 Good flowers up in these parts

 woodpile and oven

 morning wake up with some bb gun shooting. tim is pro!

 mark brought home some awesome bread for us!

 and made us breakfast


 then to port townsend park! so much fun

 then onto another ferry back to seattle

 these guys, always looking cool

 more seattle views

 then to delridge skatepark in south seattle. super super awesome park!

 those brick banks over there were the best part