Wednesday, January 26, 2011


not sure what natural phenomenon is... that looks like a bunch of trash and stuff, but those are all clams or shells adn whatever lives in them. teh birds were feasting!
the sun finally came up to greet us
the moon stayed out for quite a while
kinda blurry, but i like how the reflection curves up the wave
a bit out of control, but he was hootin and hollerin, so it was fitting
he got a good ride on this one
rolled up at 6:00. ready to rumble!

this past weekend was insane!@ waldo and DB were in town, so we got in some good parks and even surfed! both of em got up first T! didn't get any pics out in the water, but oh well.

this morning i got out to seal beach, and took the bike, which i haven't done in a hot second... it was a pretty awesome ride adn a beautiful morning. psyched i get to wake up and do this.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friends in town

waldo gets in tonight!

took this fool out surfing today! he's a natural!
this girl!
got to surf malibu this week, which is always awesome. i have still to get to be there during a really good swell, but this time was pretty good! its crazy here right now-the sun is still rising pretty south, and because of the way malibu is at the top of a long "cove" that is the shoreilne of LA, the sun seems to rise over the water. i think that's pretty unique. below is a picture showing what i'm talking about
so the sun rises kinda behind that peninsula of palos verdes, but it's so far away that you can't see it really, adn it looks like the sun is rising over the ocean, on the west coast. crazy.

Tony came through last weekend for some fun! unfortunately, the only pic we got of him is this, but it's still awesome! got in some killer Queen Mary exploring, an insane curb sesh, awesome billiards, beers, cigars, and food! what more could you ask for?

New Year, New Garden

New compost

That's a baby cauliflower you're looking at.

This guy is still going strong! After lots of rain, this Siberian Red got knocked over so I pruned it extensively and seems to be responding well. Who knew you got have tomatoes in January?

Herbs haves a new home! Hopefully this will work out better than the terracotta pots, which dried out too quickly.

It's a new year and I have new plans for the garden. I learned a lot from last year's garden and will be far more successful in 2011. I now know varieties of tomatoes works best and what plants I won't be planting again (green peppers). This past week the garden got new dirt, compost, and some steer manure. Matt built a new compost which should significantly speed up the composting process. I planted two new crops, broccoli and cauliflower, and hope the current warm weather doesn't affect them negatively. The broccoli seems to be bummed on the heat so it now has a cover to cool down and the cauliflower is unfazed. Also I purchase a small greenhouse from Harbor Freight and will be starting some seeds soon. Feels good to have my hands in dirt again!!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011


went to redlands, ca today for work, and saw this. palm trees and snowcapped mountains. kinda cool.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 so far!

not staying up on this, so here's the past week and a half of stuff...

surfed with this remote controlled guy the other day... he was pretty good. actually this thing seriously went fast and looked pretty fun to play with!

we (mel) made this, but didn't take a picture of it... it was alright... soups are in right now
these guys are still around in 2011, that's good.
vegetable pea soup- so flippin good! one of the best soups i've ever had. come here and we'll make it for you!
went to san o'nofre with mike one day and it ended up that the world championships of tandem surfing was going on up the beach that day. pretty insane!
tandem² surfing here

this stuff is insane
these guys were the previous world champs... from france maybe? who cares
the falls were good too
surfing yoga
i caught some little guys out there
san o'nofre
hiked the chantry flats waterfall hike with neil and marylin. the waterfall is loving the recent rains

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pictures from Indy

clouds in the airport
went to the lake on the last day
dad, in his element
old logging road up the hill
mike playing with his favorite new toy- a boomerang i made him. it works too!
the boss and the mosquito control crew, minus TJ
the circle, looking beautiful as ever
tubbs and frank! two of the finest looking men out there

mom and i
luke and i
not that cool looking here, but it was nice driving through this, instead of desert or packed houses
chris lookin like a badass
elly and lost, she's in heaven
plowed in the front also, in case he came up with any smart ideas
finished product... sorry waldo, don't want you drinking and driving
plowing in waldos truck
got home from the bar one night with tim and decided to plow in waldo's truck with tims new truck plow
got it in with the boys
gifts for waldo and tim, guess who got what?
indy lookin good
weddle adn crew jamming!
apparently geese are handling hte cold now?
story! holy cow
the best
j-bone and her new house!
came home to a fresh four inches or so. everything looked incredible
dad;s house, looking pretty awesome
dad's house
awesome trees