Monday, October 26, 2015

Some random pics lately

It rained a couple months ago! 

We found this guy on the street and had him in the backyard for a few hours till the shelter opened up. Took him there and I think the owners found him within a couple days - he was on the "Lost and Found" section of the website for only a day, and then off it, so i think that's good! 

He was cute

Morning view with the GoPro

Mel, traveler status, on her way to Vegas

We got tickets to a Beer and Wine Festival through Mel's work and headed down to have some drinks. We came across this painting booth setup where you could paint something for $5. Pretty fun! Highlight of the night 

Biking into work some again

Fall time! 

Oscar, peaking around the corner as I vacuum. He doesn't like the vacuum too much

Been some really good sunrises lately. This was one of the better ones I've seen out here i thought. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Philharmonic Symphony

OH yea! we went to the symphony in LA for Mel's bday. Super super awesome! Great music - all beethoven that night! 

Views as the night went on...

Indiana Visit

Went back for my cousin Jarrett's wedding this past month, which was incredible. We need to live somewhere with more green, rain, weather, everything….

Mom's mailbox is looking great
Back porch view. I'd like a back porch 

Kayaking at Eagle Creek

Went up a little creek

Made it to Mrs. Curls!!!!! Apple pie milkshakes for the month of September. 

Headed downtown for some drinks and stopped by dancing Annie
Favorite view

Made it to the lake for an afternoon!

Dad, cutting on the new ski!

Whippin 'round

Good skies all day

Round 2 for Dad

Wedding party for Jarrett and Jess. They had a father-daughter slam dunk contest instead of a father-daughter dance :)

She almost took down the lights on the follow through 

Walking around dad's

A few leaves :)

Dogs be crazy, but good 

The woods out back are getting more sun and more grass and looking better than ever

Last things left in the garden

Golf outing with the family one day! This was right on the course, and was pretty awesome to see with these skies


Kayaked down a river in COlumbus with Waldo, his girlfriend and my mom. Pretty fun time cruising down stream for 7-8 miles. 

Food photo from Milktooth in Fountain Square - I can't even remember the details, but over easy egg on grilled cheese, with honey over it also. Can't remember what type of cheese, but this was insane. 

Couldn't get enough of the skies here

Did some gardening, and dug up the years potatoes

Rode the new tractor and tilled some too

Got in an awesome bike ride on some country roads with my dad too.  One of the many highlights of the trip!