Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Woodworking Celebration

There was a woodworking party/celebration after classes were over this past weekend, where everyone who wanted could show off their work - there were a few hundred people there, and a lot of people's work, which was awesome. It was a huge pot luck also, and raffle prizes were there too, so needless to say, it was pretty fun! 

workbench class projects


small boxes and goblets

cool three level box


deluxe tool box

classy coffee table
diy handplanes

maloof style chair

lamps and a sweet tool box!

another deluxe tool box by the same woman

"hot chocolate table" it said, instead of coffee table. i like that


rattle, ice cream scoop, bottle opener

table in motion - this one got the most votes as the coolest, best work there

sweet coffee table - people were allowed to sell there stuff and price it, and I think this was marked as $3200

cool to see other materials used also

set of tables

spiffy chair

i like this one. simple and nice


belongs in a fancy cabin?

raffle prizes
layout of stuff on table saws

everyone psyched

nice one

sweet maple on this nightstand-made by the same lady that did the deluxe tool boxes


bed frame

cool bowl

sample intro projects


pretty cool, but almost kinda gaudy

classy green and green dresser


up close on the joints

another cool dresser

not sure what this instrument is, but i think this was all recycled/scrap wood used

CNC machined guitars

artsy chairs..... it's probably hard to even tell what these are in this pic....

up closer to one

another angle... still confusing


crazy detail on these


tons of food (a lot was already gone when i snapped this pic) and this was only one of two food tables, and then there was another dessert table....i binged.....

Monday, May 27, 2013

First morning with second wooden board

First day out on the new board the other morning - wasn't the best of waves, but I was antsy to get out there and get in the water and feel the board some. All in all, I caught three waves in about an hour - not that good of conditions, but they were fun rides, and I got to feel the smoothness of this guy - can't wait to get on some more :)

 Classic "on the beach, ready to go out and adventure" pic

 I like him

 It was gray, slightly windy, and I'm not gonna lie, not that good of waves...., but oh well

 Classic "smile after the first wave caught on your new board" pic

It floats!