Tuesday, November 30, 2010

finalizing board

fish outta water! name that fish!
looking good!

put the art on the top of the board did a thin hotcoat on the top again. psyched on how it turned out!

happy birthday brother!

walking through tunnels
gotta soak in that green while it's around!

awesome green-ness
found a cave with an envelope with notes in it and a pencil to write your own. pretty cool

cave in a wall we found

got out for a hike on Sunday, the day before mike's 30th. we went up some trail in topanga state park. mike had read about some hard to find ropes that people use to climb up rocks and stuff, so we tried to find it, but couldn't. either way, the trail was pretty fun still, and everythign was really green since it rained the night before so that was cool.

San Diego with France!

sunset in cardiff alogn the 1
nollie flips! still got em!
france, railin!
big to small back tail
france up close!
schralpin france!
view of the park - rancho pensaquitos
another view
france getting blunted!
france setting up a new board, as always, geez...

so we went down to San D on friday to visit Mel's friends, lara and neil. then we met up with Francis! that night to crash at his place and kill it the next day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

final result
puttin up lights!
our feast! so good. starting from bottom left corner going in clockwise order - homemade beer bread, stuffing, veggies and onion dip, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, candle, water!, tofurkey with cauliflower, onion, and yams, green bean casserole, and field roast (veggies, lagumes, and other stuff, it's incredible!)

So thanksgiving was incredible. i perfect relaxing day making awesome food and little crafts (more to come on that)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Top hot coat

cookies and cream ice cream cake!

hot coated!

hotcoated the top of the board last night. it was a bit chilly out and i heard christmas music going when coming home, so i cranked it up in the room and put a string of christmas lights for the hell of it! the top looks good. oh yea, and mel bought an ice cream cake for my birthday so round off the sweets! psyched!@

Monday, November 22, 2010

bottom hot coat!

don't need no haole handprints on this rhino chaser! rhino chaser?

taped it off first on the rails, leaving the bottom edge of tape hanging so that excess resin dripped off to the ground not onto the underside of the board.

hot coated the bottom of the board last night. psyched to get the this going. gotta work on teh leash loop a bit still, but it's on the top. getting there!

Birthday boy!

another sunset shot, about 15 minutes later. these never get old to me
sunset shot
underwater looking at an anenome
waving pretty lady adn brother
this area of coastline is pretty insane looking
underwater in a tide pool
another identical looking very pretty lady
pretty lady and pretty landscape
pretty lady

it stopped raining so mike came down and we chanced it and went to crystal cove to hike around, turned out that no one was workign the gate and it was free to get in also, which was awesome! (not $15 bucks to get in)leash loop, instead of a plug
worked on the board a bit-did the leash loop
i got rancho huevos and mel got the sunrise fiesta bowl-black bean soup with avocado, salsa and two poached eggs in it too!
waiting in the rain to go to coffee cup
dino got bashed!
good lookin cake
birthday cake-carrot, and dino pinata! mel made it happen!
made cookies for a party the night before. whole wheat choc chunk cookies. yea. they were good.

so this weekend was the birthday, and although it rained, cancelled teh surfing, skating, adn camping part, it was still awesome! and it didn't end up raining all day either, and provided for amazing skies/clouds. lots of pics, cuz well, it was a good day.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweets, round one!!!!

shirtless cupcakes
peanut butter surprise inside!
beautiful cupcakes
beautiful cook!

Birthday sweets here we come! Mel made chocolate peanut butter surprise cupcakes last night. Best cupcakes i've ever had!

sanding down fins

makin progress..

SF with TA! yes!

she's in heaven, once again

at oldest organic strawberry farm in CA. Got apple strawberry cider and a scone with olallieberry jam on top! best scone ever. "try one of these scones, you're gonna love em!"

windy coast - just north of santa cruz on our way back

got some pisco sour at some uppity bar in haight ashbury

snagged some vegan empanadas from this chilean place tony came across. she's in heaven

met up late night Friday
video with Tony!

went up to SF this past weekend to meet up with Tony! so much fun. video above, and pics too, although i appartenly didn't take as many pictures as i thought...