Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BC Adventure

We went up to Vancouver and Whistler area a couple of weeks ago.  Our first day and night were spent in downtown Vancouver. About thirty minutes into walking around Gastown, a historic area of Vancouver, a bird pooped on my head. Apparently it's good luck, but this clearly is said by people who do not have bird poop in their hair.

Beer with grapefruit. It's a good idea. 
Our favorite thing about Vancouver was Stanley Park, a 1,001 acre park in downtown which is almost completely surround by the Pacific. We managed to pay it a visit three times on the trip and we still didn't see it all. 

Lake in Stanley Park with a view of downtown

A local!

He was completely unfazed by our presence and we walked side by side for a few minutes 

Walking along the Seawall 

Seawall + downtown view  

So green!

Shredding, clearly
Day Two: We grabbed breakfast then headed back to Stanley Park. After checking out from our hotel we head north toward Squamish and out campsite at Porteau Cove.

"Quit taking photos and let me eat!"
Breakfast at Scoozi's was delicious.
I had a breakfast pizza and Matt got the breakfast deep dish pizza. 

Rose garden at Stanley Park

Lots of pretty flowers here

First Nations Totem Poles

These are all replicas, but very awesome 

They kinda look alike 

Downtown view from the hotel 
On our drive north it started raining, more like pouring. We checked into the campsite and then drove to Squamish to get groceries. On the way we pulled over to check out Shannon Falls Provincial Park. 

Shannon Falls
It's raining, but we're still happy to be in BC
 The Porteau Cove campsite was beautiful even in the rain. It sits directly on Howe Sound surrounded by hills and mountains.  I would highly recommend making a reservation for this site. 
Hiking in the rain near Porteau Cove 

Unfortunately we did not get to sleep in the tent that night due to hard rains, water flowing everywhere on the ground, and ultimately a wet tent. On the bright side, we got upgraded to an SUV and were able to fold down the seats and sleep in there. It was surprisingly comfortable and the sound of rain was incredibly soothing. 

Making tea 
Day Three: The weather cleared up and we headed to Garibaldi Provincial Park, though we only did a short hike there. On the way to Whistler we stopped at Brandywine Falls, its right of Hwy 99 and it's a short walk to the falls.  We then headed to Whistler, indulged in ice cream and were off to another hike at Whistler Interpretive Forest where the trail runs along a river.

Brandywine Falls
Proof that I was at the falls and that the image wasn't taken from Google images

Whistler Interpretive Forest hike was easy and very pretty. It even included a small suspension bridge. 
The river running through this forest was insanely blue. The pictures don't do it justice. 
The bridge was bit wobbly 

Matt on the suspension bridge 

Later that day to went to the next campsite, Narin Falls.

Still happy!

Putting the tent up while Matt drinks/photographs the beer

Getting the fire going while Matt drinks/photographs the ginger beer 

I've had enough!

Camp Dinner

He was pretty excited to use one of these
Day Four: In the morning we walked from our campsite to check out Narin Falls. The short trail runs along a river with an beautiful blue green hue. We then drove to the picturesque mountain town of Pemberton where Matt got the chance to skate. Afterward we drove to Birkenhead Lake to set up camp. 

Narin Falls

Pemberton Skate Park - easily one of the most fun parks that I (Matt) have ever skated!

Matt still skates!? :)

Driving to Birkenhead Lake, mountains and trees everywhere 

We rented a canoe and took a spin on the lake

We spotted two bald eagles in that tree!


We have a lot of fun together

Grapefruit Beer Break 

Taking a break on the beach

This guy is pretty easy on the eyes

This was an immensely peaceful and beautiful spot
Day Five: Matt's crazy. Despite the temperture being 47 degrees Matt decided to hop in the lake. Afterwards we headed back to Vancouver. We made a stop a Porteau Cove to see what it looked like without rain. Then we checked out Lynn Canyon.

Good Morning!
Splashing around

Porteau Cove when it's not pouring rain 

Suspension Bridge at Lynn Canyon. Pretty crowded but fun experience.

That night we went to the beach in Vancouver to watch the Celebration of Lights event, which is where countries compete in a firework displays. 

There are no photos from day six, but we spent the day walking about Stanley Park. We were exhausted :)