Monday, September 17, 2012


 So I got my wooden board out this weekend for hte first time. Had a good session with Francis in San Diego, but when I got out of the water, I noticed that a ridge had formed in a two foot section along the new center plank that I just installed. Not psyched. After posting some stuff on a wooden surfboard forum, I think I've figured out why. Not going into details here, but basically I'm redoing part of what I just redid...

Got the center plank cut out last night. Now to get it repaired again...


 We got out last weekend to get in some kayaking and paddling. I kept up with Mel on my surfboard pretty well, but got a bit more tired than her I think...We paddled around a small island with lots of houses nearby, and it was a beautiful day!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alllmost done

Got the planks all glued in and sanded smooth and then I glassed over it this past weekend. I got the blue matched pretty nicely too! Here it is getting sanded smooth along the edges of the new fiberglass covering the new planks and overlapping the old glass, outside of the new planks. pumped it's just about done


Here it is after the hot coat and a lot of sanding. Just need to add the leash loop again, and it's all done!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Wooden mini progress and other surfboards!

 Coming along on this. Didn't get much done this past week except gluing in the two side planks again.

 I also glued in extra small strips along the top side of the spine and ribs to provide more gluing surface, but not much weight.

 Here I am fitting in the center strip and dry-fitting it first. I got this glued in right after this picture.

And in other news, last night my brother and I glassed the bottom of his board (right), and Neal and I glassed his board today (left). Mike is super pumped, Neal is super pumped, and I am super pumped. Always fun to glass boards, especialy when they come out nice and neat. For Mike's board, we mixed up the blue resin and black resin, then spread out each blue line, then came back, and filled in the gaps with the black resin. It came out much cleaner than expected! For Neal's board, he had this fabric he liked, so we layed that down as a strip across the front third area, as seen. It came out awesome too! pumped!