Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It works!

after first wave! beyond pumped!

fish outta water, or fish in water

he was eager to get in...

Oh man, first day with my first board I (and melissa maher) made. It was 45 degrees out this morning, which obviouswasn't ideal, but it made the 57 degree water feel warm for once! i ran from the car to the water in excitement, and to try to warm up. went to northside of HB pier, and the waves were a bit slow with the higher tide,but still good 2-3 foot size and fun! first ride was super short, but the next one was a good left! i was so pumped just to ride it, and on top of that for it to actually feel good! although it could have really felt like crap and i would have imagined that as perfection with the mindset i was in! didn't mess up on any of my first few waves, so that felt good. it's still easy to paddle and catch the waves, but feels a bit looser than my other boards which is awesome. got a lot of rides this morning, mostly lefts, but some good rights and yea, it was awesome. pretty incredible feeling. can't wait for tomorrow morning now! supposed to be a bit bigger, so we'll see how it handles.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Kitchen bookshelf and recipe holder

almost got a good shot of this guy, but oculdn't get the camera out fast enough. got out to surf a couple times this weekend but the waves were really small so i still haven't taken out my new board. waiting for a good day to take it out!


found a few pieces of really nice cedar in an alley a couple weeks ago and used a piece on saturday to make this!